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I don’t know, but it seems like he would be fine and that it was just a bad idea for him. He is in his mid-60s and could probably stay at home more safely, and he doesn’t have any underlying medical conditions. But, hey, we live in the United States. We are supposed to believe everything will work out for us, even with people who have got dementia, or worse. So maybe he would get better after he spent some time at home. Maybe you could see him, if you had time to do so. But you probably can’t unless you happen to have lived in America for years! Who knows? That’s what the doctor told me and it is easy to tell things to someone who has been here long enough to make up their mind (or not, I guess).

The two doctors had agreed to share care as well because of how close they were to each other during treatment. The man’s wife also lives next door, so they didn’t have to worry about getting over there too far. She says they have a “very good relationship” now, which makes sense given the circumstances of her husband’s case. It was more than likely she would want to be there, but that’s not going to have an effect on his treatment of whatever he may have. She said it would be hard if he had no family there to help manage the situation. They both seemed pretty happy to work through the details of the agreement and then head back home, but I think he seemed slightly happier, too, as if this means we can all go home together.

The hospital website states “No specific date” has been provided for when he should leave (there’s no real date on the bed sheet) and the only thing that comes up in my mind is whether he would be released tomorrow or Tuesday the 11th. I am sure he would be moved to a bigger house by his wife, which would then be shared, since the hospital is in such beautiful surroundings, but I don’t remember anyone asking about moving so easily.

Now, why does she need to move him so soon? And why is he being moved home so early, other than the fact that it’s somewhere nicer and easier to drive through? Why is someone just leaving him alone? What kind of person leaves people alone for a couple weeks in New York City and then goes about looking for them wherever they may be?

I think the hospital would probably be relieved to find his name didn’t show up anywhere online from today until Monday the 13th or Tuesday the 14th. There’s supposed to be a phone number on that letter that allows them to contact him when he needs something, or for another checkup, and there are several addresses on social media. If he needs surgery, he should get it that day but for now, he should be able to access his appointment schedule on Thursday the 17th, since they have given him three days. Once he does get the surgery, he could call in with a nurse and if they are available to take him back to the office and back to his place, then the nurses could take him upstairs. They can always reach out again to check on him if he happens to have visitors or anything else so that they don’t feel rushed. He only gets three visits a year at least, but he won’t stay if he can’t get those times.

He asked to have the procedure done immediately, but the facility apparently told him they wouldn’t take him back home before the anesthesia wore off and he wasn’t allowed to be left unattended for too long. This has to be one of his appointments, though. My guess is this was an urgent matter that needed getting right away. They didn’t try to convince me otherwise though, which shows that they think they have a safe environment working out to the extent that the plan seems to be working. You can imagine how much quicker they turn a new patient into their office than you can imagine them moving things around. They might move him himself, and he’d go back to where he started. Or he might need to return to the room. No way! It’s the same place that the woman has been in with your husband. Not only will she not feel comfortable having him around and seeing him, but he’ll be missing a bit of privacy if he’s still there. At his regular visit, the nurses could come in to sit down with him if they wanted to or if he feels ill, they could give directions for taking a walk around the block. All of these things could happen without their knowing where he’s gone too. Does anyone really want to know? Especially when everyone else seems to know?

So, does he seem to be improving? Yes, I think he should improve without anyone knowing of course. Everyone seems to think he’ll get better without them knowing, too, but that’s the point. Everyone seems to think he’ll get better, that he hasn’t gotten sicker than anyone else, like everyone can see the same tests and results. That’s what the whole plan seems to be. That the doctors are helping him get better and he can stay at home all day. When they actually start telling others the truth (that’s maybe a little delayed or that they didn’t realize he was getting worse), then the world starts wondering if maybe he is getting better at all.

How’s the man holding up? How’s the man staying upright? Is he going to move past the point of giving up easily? Could you imagine getting a test to see if I was getting better? Will being in class for a while help? Will it allow him to watch TV with me if I go back to my part of town just to say hi? Would he want to come back? Could he go back to living his life with me? Will his eyesight be better? Will his mental stability be improved?

And it’s not like I’m worried about his mobility, considering how close he is to age six in the U.S., nor his ability to speak. At the end of last week, he was able to use a mobile telephone without anyone noticing, and that used to mean he had a lot of friends who could speak to him, even under the best circumstances. In Britain, he also used sign language before he was, so if someone called he could ask them something and they just went along with whatever it was. He didn’t suffer too badly as far as other patients I saw last week, so I think he can be trusted to follow the instructions he’s been given. He has a hearing aid, so he may find it even harder to rely on social networking, but his speech isn’t going to change, so maybe my suspicion is right.

I’m glad he didn’t ask for special privileges. Even if it’s just the four walls they have around him, he’s not getting too much more room to move around, even if his hands are beginning to become weak as we’ve grown older. Maybe a walk around the outside world would encourage him to finally make it home. Just get there once he’s ready to be gone. Then everyone will be happier for his departure and then everyone can go home. For a moment, I thought it should make it easier on the system for him, because he’s so near death and if the doctors think he should remain in their offices, then they’ll want him to be happy. Now, the doctors aren’t saying that he’s getting better or anything. As if they can control all that I know, they’re letting him die in peace and we can all happily go home.

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