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U.S. auto maker Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Ltd. and Ford Motor Co., Inc. recently agreed to buy a majority stake in United Auto Agency, an independent insurance company focusing on providing property-casualty and personal accident insurers for the US auto industry. The transaction values the combined companies at $31 billion.

The move will increase competition among major automakers in the market, which provides good news to consumers looking for a new type of car. According to data released by J.D. Power of 8 million cars were sold in the U.S. in May 2015, this shows that about 4% were new vehicles. Another data showed that roughly 17% of new cars sold in May came from the luxury brands such as Mercedes Benz, BMW, and Audi which is also good news to the people who like to travel on their own. While more cars are produced now, it is becoming cheaper to buy a new car compared to the past. In fact, the government has tried several initiatives to keep prices lower for a few years and they finally made the deal. Consumers should be patient when making large purchases as the economy has been going down with millions unemployed and others not working due to various reasons. It will take time to get back to where we were.

As for now, United Auto Agency may act as a middlemen for some customers, so they just have no need to have any other car. They can still purchase any model they want, but the only thing that matters is to choose wisely. So once we all start buying new cars, our choices will become even smaller. There is going to be less choice for us. Our choices will go down. People will pay much less now than when there was a demand. And I believe it’s a good thing that United Auto agency is taking the lead in addressing these issues. Many Americans are afraid to make large purchase like the car, but this should help them think wisely and make wise purchasing decisions. When these issues are handled successfully, then the economy will open up and people will be able to spend more without thinking too much.

This is why I think we would need all these measures taken if the interest of businesses, investors, and consumers is higher than before. We should give a lot more attention to how things work for everyone. If we want to improve our country, it’s necessary to understand our world better, and this way we can get better results for everyone. Most important is to care for one another. How do we create more jobs so that there is more money in us? To what extent do we care about our planet? Are we taking care of the environment? Do we understand that there’s a difference between wealthy and poor? Is there a difference between rich and famous? All of these questions can help us figure out how come we are in so much trouble. Maybe if we work hard and change our ways, then we can see our country to be the best place in the world for everyone.

United Auto Agency has more than 100 offices across the country, providing 24/7/365 services to more than 11,000 agents. A group of employees has joined hands with FCA (Ford) to form the largest motor insurance provider in the U.S.: U.S. Auto Insurance Company. The company plans to generate approximately $50 million in annual sales by the end of 2016. FCA had acquired U.S. Home & contents carrier National Indemnity, but is no longer operating it.

The acquisition comes as part of General Motors’ plan to expand into consumer auto markets in the U.S., building on its current operations in Canada and Mexico. “The acquisition marks another step in our long term strategy to grow the U.S. auto industry,” said Jason Kula’s, chairman and chief executive officer of GM. “This expansion will allow us greater access to a wider base of existing customers, as well as add new clients and new distribution channels.”

“Ford and Fiat Chrysler recognize how significant the role that insurance and automotive provide to society today,” said Robert Rizzo, president and CEO of United Auto Agency. “United Auto Agency is excited to partner with FCA and its agents in expanding into additional states and adding new services.” “United Auto Agency is proud to join forces with two great partners.”

United Auto Agency will continue to operate under the name of U.S. Auto Insurance Company. After this acquisition closes, UAA will be headquartered in Westfield, Michigan. The agency’s leadership team, including Bob Pappas, president and CEO of UAA, will remain with the company, serving as senior vice presidents and general managers of United Auto Insurance Company.

“Ford wants to serve the needs of its customers,” said Andrew Lutino, president of Fiat Chrysler Financial Services. “United Auto Agency is doing just that around the country while continuing to use its core ‘UAA’ brand to differentiate us in the marketplace. With the addition of UAA’s resources, we are confident the future of American automotive will look very different in a number of respects.”

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