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The USAA provides insurance, benefits and other assistance for our members to protect them from the financial effects of a variety of natural disasters, as well as medical emergencies and life-threatening accidents. For more than sixty years, we have been committed to meeting the changing needs of our members by offering innovative products and services. We proudly serve nearly 6 million members nationwide and are an integral part of their lives through many channels.

Why Should You Get Our Life Insurance?

Life insurance is an important item in the plan of attack provided by your employer’s health care provider (HCCP) to provide money for death of your spouse, children and dependents. This insurance can cover many different kinds of deaths including those from accident, or illness within the family. If someone dies in your home or from age 75, you may be eligible for Medicare coverage, which can include a $1,000 benefit upon death for up to three years. In addition, you’ll be entitled to cash benefits, known as “welfare cash benefits” if you were a dependent and dependent on your parents before they died. Your beneficiary also could receive additional welfare cash benefits if your spouse or minor children are unable to contribute to you financially. If you were married before marriage, you could get a spouse’s death benefit, which is intended to be a replacement for each spouse’s death benefit.

This is especially important if you have two sons or daughters who share parenting responsibilities. As long as one of your sons or daughters dies with no prior loss of earning capacity, he or she will continue to get full support from the company. Once both siblings die, your spouse’s death benefit is automatically paid to both children. However, some spouses might be eligible for a supplemental benefit to take full advantage of this death benefit. Under normal circumstances, the same benefit remains in place as a funeral benefit, although it depends on the income level of either spouse. Unfortunately, depending on the situation, the deceased spouse might take out his or her own death benefit instead. Either spouse’s death benefit can be used after another individual’s death regardless if the couple divorced or not, if they are still living together. This benefit is provided regardless of whether any of the surviving spouse had been diagnosed with cancer or had dementia, or had any other condition.

Our main product offerings include our standard term life insurance and Term Life Insurance. It pays monthly interest at 4% per year for five years. Also covered are cash value payments known as Death Benefits payments to help support survivors during that period when the insured person has passed away.

Our high-quality, low cost policy is available by most state insurance carriers and is flexible enough to meet a wide variety of needs. Some policies, such as for people over 65, allow individuals younger than 65 with pre-existing conditions to save money by obtaining a co-signer on their insurance plan. Our Policy for employees includes employee contributions to fund a retirement benefit.

This is particularly appealing to older employees suffering from disabilities such as arthritis, blindness, etc. While employers are typically required to make these employees contribute cash contributions and/or leave work for any number of reasons, this option allows employee participation in helping the government cover all its costs. Another premium option is a Senior Contribution Plan that covers essential expenses such as child care, medical and other health care expenses. Other options are a Family Coverage Pension Plan, which allows your family and friends to contribute from age 62 to 80 and a Dependent and Child Coverage Pension Plan, which covers children under 18 or 50 and parents or guardians of children under 18.

Some policies only include certain types of insurance coverages and may require your family member to sign waivers before they are allowed to participate in any aspect of the plan. A waiver can be waived to ensure that there are adequate provisions for family members living apart from you. An example of that would be a parent signing his or her adult son to be able to claim for child care expenses, without having to worry about the amount incurred. Each plan also has some limitations on how much the insured person can contribute towards his or her premiums. These limits vary between plans but are usually in the 5-10% range. Additional information is found in each plan document.

Our policyholders enjoy a wide array of choices. Our policies also come with our convenient online Self Order Form. That is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and offers customers 24-hour access to our experienced agents. To order or view our current quotes for more details call 1-800 USAA REPORTCY® or visit

If you have questions about your existing or future USAA life insurance plan, contact USAA customer service representatives now.

USAA strives not to make a profit. All purchases made by USAA through this website are tax-free and may be eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit and Credit for Qualified Survivors benefits. *Data are based on data provided by Aegon Mutual American Life Assurance Company. Any errors in the above data and claims coverage may be subject to change *The statements contained herein, including statement 1 of each paragraph, are qualified by the cautionary language below.

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